Recruiting Poster – Walking John

By tenantfarmer

May 26, 2009

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This recruiting poster was used by the U. S. Marines for several years.  Having served in the Corps myself (1965-1967), I chose it for my user name.

United States Marine Corps Recruiting Poster


2 Responses to “Recruiting Poster – Walking John”

  1. We have this poster framed. But ours says “Enlist Now! The service with a future!” it has no airplanes in the background but the background appears to be similar to to the others. also it has hand written in fountain pen “Recruiting officer : any place in the wide world you may happen to be. Recruiting officer: Lt Col R (possibly another letter here) Williams Marine Corps”. On the bottom of the poster it says RCTG 28. Such a cool poster but we have no real information on it. any that you would have would be neat to hear.

    • I just now saw your comment. Don’t know when you sent this. Maybe years ago. I didn’t think anybody would ever find or look at my blogs. I’m sorry for the delay. I’ve just now gotten back on here, and I’ve added some new and different stuff . I thank you for your interest. hs

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