“Grandpa, Who Lost Vietnam?”

Photo: 11th Marines - 1967


 Trouble for Viet Nam actually began in 1945 after the surrender of the Japanese. The first American to die in Viet Nam was in the year 1945. He was mistaken for a Frenchman.

The actual involvement of the U, S. military was in 1956 when advisers were sent to train South Vietnamese forces.

A defoliant called Agent Orange (because of the orange containers it was shipped in) was first used in 1962. United States Marines landed in Da Nang in 1965, and were the first U. S. combat forces in South Vietnam. The antiwar movement began to escalate soon after. Teach-ins against the war were being held on many college campuses. By 1967 there were 400,000 U. S. troops in South Vietnam. In October 21 – 22 of that year, 35,000 demonstrators besieged the Pentagon. There was a massive demonstration of 250,000 in Washington, D, C. in 1969.

A year later, at Kent State University in Ohio, National Guardsmen fired on demonstrating college students, killing four of the students and wounding eight others.

Two more long years dragged on and the casualties mounted. Finally, a massive troop withdrawal began in 1972. A cease fire was signed in Paris in 1973. The end of the draft was announced that same year, and the last combat troops left Vietnam. The last two service members to die was during the evacuation of Saigon two years later.


Note: I served with the marines in Viet Nam from May, 1966 to June, 1967. While stationed at Quantico, I was trained in riot control, and was sent to Washington, D. C. as back-up in case the demonstrators on the Pentagon got out of control.


By 1967, fifty percent of enlisted men were draftees.

By 1969, fifty percent of combat deaths were draftees.


27 million were eligible – 8,720,000 enlisted, mostly to avoid the draft – 2,215,000 were drafted – 16 million never served

570,000 were draft dodgers.

There are 58,183 names on the Vietnam Memorial.


Vietnam was the most disastrous of all American undertakings over the whole 200 years of history.

Hollywood revived the war in the 1980’s.


The link below is the source. Excluding picture & personal data.




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