Living and Dying Amongst Homosexuals

Life and Aids don't mix.


After long thought on the subject, I have finally come to the conclusion that I do not understand why the United States and other countries are supporting the perverted lifestyle of homosexuals.


I can think of no explanation why we have so many laws specifically protecting queers rights, and the right to be a faggot. There are more new ones on the way (Don’t ask. Don’t tell).


A man having sex with another man is by far the main cause of the spread of the HIV virus. I really can’t comprehend how sex between two men can take place; as the male body is not equipped to receive the male sex organ. It would have to be some sort of perverted act.


In the early 1980’s, in the United States, mainly California, a number of “gay” men (faggots) developed infections that were resistant to treatment. At that time Aids did not have a name. It was obvious that they all suffered from the same illness. The HIV virus was discovered soon after. International travel by young “gay” men, in the late 70’s and early 80’s, during the “gay” sexual revolution, caused the rapid spread of the Aids virus. And more recently, the openness of being a queer. Hence, the even faster spread of Aids.


According to the CDC, there are more than a million people with HIV living in the United States, and more than half a million have died from Aids.


Aids is highly contagious, and a very deadly disease. So why are governments making such an effort to support homosexuality. Being a homo goes against everything in Nature. Every living thing was put here on this earth to reproduce. If we do not produce offspring, we will become extinct.


Maybe we shouldn’t worry about it at all. God will surely intervene.


July 7, 2009





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